Game Technology Expo and Job Fair

The Game Technology Expo and Job Fair is more than just a great way to see some of the newest games and technology. The Expo’s primary purpose is to highlight opportunities in the computer game industry and the STEM related skills that drive the industry. The event is primarily a STEM event that is designed to enhance the lives of school-age gamers, college aged gamers, and their parents by showing them the limitless possibilities that can be accomplished through careers in the computer game industry. Our workshops are designed to give our attendees practical information about how to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the industry.

College admissions personnel will be on hand to take applications and provide information. Employers will be on hand to take applications and provide information for entry level jobs. Exhibitors of computer games will provide hands-on demonstrations of entertainment games as well as serious games.

The Expo is a tool to help prepare our attendees for a future in the computer game industry and other STEM based careers. This year’s Expo will provide insight into how computer based games are solving problems and providing support in other career fields.

The Game Technology Expo and Job Fair will be held at Northern Virginia Community College – Woodbridge campus

The event will be open from 10am until 5pm

Information about exhibitors, sponsors, and job opportunities change often. Follow us on Facebook to keep up with the latest developments.

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Workshops are event areas with training and activities on specific and practical topics related to technologies and careers in the computer game industry. We invite you to attend one or more of our workshops in order to advance your knowledge in your specific area of interest.

You must register for each workshop you attend. There will be a door prize awarded at each workshop. You must be present to win.

Making college affordable

Luanne Lee will facilitate this workshop. Her business is named “Your College Planning Coach” and specializes in in helping to make college affordable. The workshop will provide a structured approach to help you accomplish your goals for financing your college education. The workshop will help you break down the confusion and misconceptions of Financial Aid and replace it with understanding and the ability to make informed decisions that benefit you.

Gaining a $50,000 a year job

Dr. Wesley Phillips will facilitate this workshop. His business is named “Professional Certifications and Consulting Services” and specializes in in helping to earn the certifications to help job seekers gain a competitive advantage over their peers. This workshop will provide the mechanics for young people to obtain an entry level job that pays $50,000 per year. Concepts as well as specifics will be provided.

Computer Game Design

The Mason Game and Technology Academy will facilitate this workshop. In the workshop, you will explore the fundamentals of game design. You will build your own computer game in this workshop. Even with no previous experience, you will leave this workshop with a working game. We will use free game development tools to make it easy for you to continue development once you leave the workshop. Bring a laptop if you want to be sure that there is a computer for you to work on.

Google’s STEM tools for Social Responsibility

This workshop describes the many Google technologies have been provided for free and used for social good. Whether you want to fight homelessness, disease, racism, or any of the other challenges faced by our society, Google provides free tools to help. The workshop provides examples of specific opportunities for individuals to use Google tools to make contributions to groups from underserved and/or economically challenged communities. Many groups and organizations have been able to advance their cause by using high quality and free STEM products produced by Google

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